Session Manager

Session Manager is free software (MPL), but if you find it useful you can support its development


Session Manager offers you basic session saving, restoring and managing through a submenu to the Tools menu or through an optional toolbar button:

A toolbar button giving access to Session Manager's main menu.

You can also access closed tabs and windows using the optional recently closed tabs and windows button:

A toolbar button giving access to closed tabs and windows.

After a crash, you're offered with a dialog to restore the crashed or any of your previously saved sessions:

Dialog to select the session to recovery.

You can also have Session Manager prompt you to resume a session when the browser loads:

Dialog to select the session to resume.

The following options are currently available to adapt Session Manager to your needs:

Startup and Shutdown options Save and Restore options Display options Undo Close Options Advanced options SessionStore Options

Note: The toolbar buttons are not available to SeaMonkey users. In addition some options may not display at certain times.

For questions or comments about Session Manager, please post a message to the sessionmanager feedback thread.

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