Session Manager

Session Manager is free software (MPL), but if you find it useful you can support its development


This page is here for informational purposes only. Session Manager 0.4.3 is no longer being maintained.

Session Manager 0.4.3 saves and restores the state of all windows.

Building upon Crash Recovery, this extension allows you to save the current state of Firefox (history, text data, cookies) and return to that state at any later moment. Besides the manually saved states, Session Manager automatically stores the current state in case of a crash.

All sessions are stored in the "sessions" folder inside your profile directory and can be moved around as any other file. To get to that folder, simply select "Open Session Folder" in Session Manager's menu (might not work on all OSes). Finally, Session Manager also allows to reopen the 10 last closed windows and tabs.

It is not recommended to use Session Manager at the same time as Crash Recovery (which is completely integrated in version 0.4.3), SessionSaver or Tab Mix Plus's Session Manager feature (*) (which provide similar functionality on their own). In comparison, Session Manager currently stores more session data than Tab Mix Plus while not getting as complex as SessionSaver.

(*) - Session Manager may be run with Tab Mix Plus, if it's built in Session Manager and Crash Recovery are disabled. This can be done manually by unchecking the "Enable Session Manager" and "Enable Crash Recovery" checkboxes in the "Session" options tab.
You should probably also disable TMP's "Session Manager" menu since it is easy to confuse it with Session Manager's menu.


Release: Session Manager 0.4.3 by zeniko for Firefox 1.5, Flock 0.5 and SeaMonkey 1.0 (SeaMonkey requires an installed Crash Recovery 0.6.4 or better).

For questions or comments about Session Manager, please post a message to the sessionmanager feedback thread.

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