Session Manager

Session Manager is free software (MPL), but if you find it useful you can support its development


Current version: 0.6.10 (included in Session Manager

Version: 0.6.9 (SM 0.4.2)

Version: 0.6.8 (SM 0.4.1)

Version: 0.6.7 (SM 0.4)

Version: 0.6.6 (SM 0.3.9)

0.6.5.* (SM 0.3.7.*)
Minor code clean-up (nit-picking and keeping in sync with Session Manager and SessionStore)
0.6.5 (SM 0.3.7)
Minor code clean-up (SM
Slightly improved performance for tab closing and saving of many cookies (SM
Bug fix: Files with Mac style line-endings weren't correctly read (SM
Major internal code refactoring (updated to comments in bug 328159) (SM
Added a new hidden pref (.resume_session_once) to enable other extensions to trigger a one-time restoration
0.6.3 (SM 0.3.5)
Now also saving WYSIWYG text data (SM 0.3.3/0.3.4)
Minor performance updates and bug fix (SM
Fixes for SeaMonkey (and MultiZilla) compatibility
Semi-official Flock support (less extensively tested) (SM 0.3/0.3.1)
Replaced the custom file format with a standard .INI format (similar to the one used by Opera)
Removed the about:crashrecovery? hack (use the pref extensions.crashrecovery.resume_session instead) (SM
Improved window dimension (re)storing
Added a Portuguese and a Chinese (Traditional) locale
Internal clean-up (SM
Much improved handling of frames (back/forward and POSTDATA preserving)
0.5.9 (SM 0.2.11)
Sidebar state is remembered
0.5.8 (SM 0.2.10)
Minor performance update and bug fix
0.5.7 (SM 0.2.9)
Security update
0.5.6 (SM 0.2.8)
Minor performance improvements and bug fix
0.5.5 (SM 0.2.7)
Added a pref for restricting the saving of sensitive data on encrypted sites (.privacy_level)
Added a Turkish locale
0.5.4 (SM 0.2.4)
Clearing private data now clears Crash Recovery's data store as well
Added a Czech locale (included in Session Manager 0.2.2)
Minor bug fix
Crash Recovery now restores into multiple windows
Some more tab properties are restored
Added French, Polish, Italian and Spanish locales
Minor bug fix
Crash Recovery's state is now accessible through XPCOM (sample code)
Minor bug fix
CR now always creates a backup of the last session at startup (not only after crashes)
Added a hidden pref to limit POSTDATA restoration
Added SeaMonkey compatibility (the Recover? dialog is missing, though)
Minor bug fix
Initial release 2006-01-23
Released on 2005-01-22 (discontinued on 2005-05-30)
Initial release 2004-11-16

For questions or comments about Session Manager, please post a message to the sessionmanager feedback thread.

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