Session Manager

Session Manager is free software (MPL), but if you find it useful you can support its development

Before reporting a bug, please check to make sure it is not already fixed in my latest public development version of Session Manager. Here is what has changed in the development version. You can also check the feedback forums to see if your issue has been reported there.

Latest bugs filed for sessionmanager

Bug #Description
26554 Sanity Check Failure: getMostRecentWindow() called from background thread - this would have caused a crash (and Session Manager can not properly save the session)
26435 Session manager constantly corrupts the session data
26428 After update of Firefox to 56 (Linux Mint), "Clear Closed" options fail
26420 Randomly losing all the addresses in my tabs
26417 Different Preferences windows options on two computers
26415 LICENSE file missing
26414 License issues
26408 Empty tabs
26407 Adding Session Manager removes LastPass
26384 Not compatible with firefox 57+?

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For questions or comments about Session Manager, please post a message to the sessionmanager feedback thread.

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